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SRG Group: Ferro Alloys Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

13 May 2022
SRG Group
Ferro Alloys Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Ferro alloys have been originated to improve the properties of steel and alloys by introducing specific alloying elements in needed quantities in the most functional technical and inexpensive way. Ferro alloy refers to different alloys of iron with a high proportion of multiple elements like aluminium, manganese or silicon. They are used in the manufacture of steels and alloys.

The alloys provide special qualities to steel and cast iron or act as vital functions during manufacture. Steel is an iron-based alloy, and it generally contains less than 1% carbon, whereas iron usually contains 2% or more carbon. Iron & steel are available globally, cheap, strong and can be shaped by casting. The process of heat treating can improve ferrous alloy properties. In the case of steel, the rolling or forging process is used.

Why SRG Group is a More Reliable Manufacturer in India?

SRG Group, which was founded in 1994 by Mr. Naval Kishore Khaitan (Chairman), specialises in ferro alloys, metals and coal. Ferro alloys produced by SRG Group are used as raw materials to produce stainless-steel products. With an authenticated record of performance and an excellent reputation over 25 years, the company keeps long-term relationships with a ferro alloys trader, minerals and metals. Quality and uniformity of materials are the distinctive feature of SRG Technology for maximum client satisfaction.

Ferro Alloys Exporter

By the goodness of their huge experience in sourcing, they back a diligent preference of dependable manufacturers and ferro alloys exporter. For the clients, they make sure progression, quality and performance of materials. The company is operated by a zestful, committed and expert team of professionals for client satisfaction. They also specialised in imports and exports of ferro alloys, ores, metals and coal.

For the last two decades, they have established themselves as one of the best coal trading companies and trustable raw material suppliers in the Indian market. According to the current import policy, customers can openly import coal based on their commercial economy and orders. The manganese ore trading company supplies excellent resources like coal, coke and ferro alloys.

SRG Group is equipped with the latest infrastructure, experienced and proficient executives and an excellent financial base to offer secure back-end support to its activities. To provide quality materials regularly, the company sources its products from the best manufacturers and mine owners.

Moreover, at the in-House analytical laboratory of SRG Group, every raw product is thoroughly tested. Punctuality and productivity of communication and providing pertinent information to their buyer is the top priority. Healthy relationships and highly productive handling partners have ensured the company's continuous success and evolution. SRG has specialised in manufacturing and trading and is the best coal trading company in India. They serve customers with excellent products consistently.

To Conclude

Are you looking for the best coal importer, ferro alloys trader or ferro alloys exporter? Contact SRG Group and get quotes. SRG Group is a leading importer, exporter and supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. So, it is highly recommended for ferro alloys as they are considered the best throughout the world.

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