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A Guide to Different Types of Ferro Alloys in India

07 April 2022
SRG Group
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Ferro alloys have been originated to enhance the properties of steels and alloys by introducing certain alloying elements in required quantities in the most workable technical and economical way. Simply put, ferro alloy refers to an alloy of iron-containing an essential portion of one or more alloying elements with iron like manganese, silicon, aluminium, chromium or titanium, worked on adding chemical elements into molten metal. Every steel grade is produced with ferro alloys. The production of ferro alloys is a vital part of the manufacturing chain between the mining and steel and alloys.

What is Metallurgy?

The ferro alloys industry’s primary work is to recover required metals from natural minerals. As ores also include non-metallic minerals, i.e., gangue, they have to be beneficiated and enriched by one or several consecutive processes to produce helpful mineral concentrates. The main content of the metal is much higher than the original ore. This lets the production of higher-grade ferro alloys with a higher content of main elements and a lower content of impurity elements, namely sulphur, phosphorus & nonferrous metals, considerably lessens specific energy consumption and production expenses.

Why are Ferro alloys used to Add Necessary Elements?

You might be wondering about the use of ferro alloys. There are multiple reasons why ferro alloys are used to add essential elements. The alloying element might be tough to obtain in pure form, and it is of no use to purify it if the motive is to add it back to iron-based steel metal. It just may not be fixed in a condensed form at steelmaking temperatures. The alloying element alone might have too much similarity to oxygen or nitrogen, leading to premature oxidation before it is used.

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Classification of Ferro alloys

Ferro alloys are generally divided into bulk ferro alloys and minor ferro alloys. Bulk ferro alloys are produced in large quantities, used in steelmaking and steel, whereas the use of special ferro alloys is far different. Minor ferro alloys are produced in smaller quantities but of a higher significance.

Complex Ferro alloys and Other Master Alloys

These are used in steel and special alloys for alloying and refining purposes. Historically, complex ferro alloys have been produced by smelting multiple ferro alloys and then tapping and casting and breaking down into required sizes. However, this process is expensive, and the ferro alloys exporter has to invest more. Once produced, ferro alloys must be again heated, melted and processed. This leads to considerable energy and material losses and probably more environmental pollution. Hence, it has been recommended that complex alloys be co-purified and co-reduced directly from raw materials.

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