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SRG Group: Top Iron Ore Importers in India

22 September 2022
SRG Group
Manganese Ore Trading Company

Since the industrial revolution, iron ore has been a key part of building better infrastructure. As the top iron ore importers, we always try to create the most value for our stakeholders and contribute as much as possible to building the country.

We are well positioned to expand both in terms of geographies and a diversified range of products in the iron ore, metallurgical coke and value-added product sector through the adoption of best-in-class technology because we are a well-known manganese ore trading company. This expansion is going to happen in the coming years.

SRG Group, the best coal trading company in the world, purchases massive quantities of coal from the miners themselves. Our sourcing is of the highest quality, and our suppliers are typically ranked among the most successful exporters in the world. This is an additional factor that contributes to the exceptional quality of our goods.

Why Choose SRG Group for Iron Ore?

SRG was founded in 1994 by Mr. Naval Kishore Khaitan, Chairman. The company is known as the ferro alloys exporter and best coal importer.

The company has a successful record and an outstanding reputation and as a result, it has maintained long-standing partnerships with prospective suppliers of ferro alloys, metals and minerals. To ensure the utmost level of satisfaction for our customers, we place a premium on the quality and uniformity of the products we use.

Top Iron Ore Importers

Since we have so much expertise in sourcing, we are able to make an informed decision when choosing reputable manufacturers. We guarantee consistency, high quality and effective performance of the materials for our customers. To ensure the happiness of its customers, the company is run by an energetic, hard-working and highly qualified team of specialists. We have improved throughout the course of this year in terms of our capacity to meet the individualised needs of our customers in the shortest possible amount of time.

SRG's ability to offer strong back-end support for its operations is enabled by its contemporary infrastructure, experienced and professional executive leadership and highly stable financial footing.

The company only purchases its goods from the most reputable manufacturers and mine owners in the industry. This allows them to provide consistently high-quality goods to its customers. In addition, each and every raw material undergoes comprehensive testing at our very own in-house analytical laboratory.

Our top priority is to communicate with our buyers quickly and effectively and to give them the information they need. The company's success and growth have been made possible by its good relationships and logistics partners, who are excellent at what they do.

More than 200 of our clients in India have expressed satisfaction with our services. We supply to traders in the steel, power, cement, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as the foundries and ferro alloys industries.

We work with people who make and sell goods all over the world. Our goal is always to provide our customers with high-quality goods.

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